Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Again

So I am typing from my new, old computer.  About two weeks ago I started a sweet little project for a gal in my ward whose baby was due soon.  I made a blanket and I wanted to put the baby's initial on the front.  I searched the web for a stencil I could download because the fabric had castles and knights and forests and jousting.  I found the most awesome "P" that was Old English and perfect!  I pressed the "Print" button and my computer flipped out.  The Old English "P" gave me an immediate virus!  It ate my computer alive.  It is called a Trojan Horse virus because it comes in a useful and pretty package, but inside it is really the enemy.

Martin could not save it.  He took my computer completely apart and had to buy and install a new operating system.  It took

This is my first attempt to blog.  It seems like when this stuff happens, it affects my photo storage and I have to patiently sort through it all.  So for awhile it will be words, words, words.

So, living in the moment - it's raining, pizza is on the way and we are watching reruns of this old show.  The boys get a kick out of it.  Martin and I roll our eyes a little, but as he says, "At least it's wholesome."

We're back to 9:00 church.  Love the long days, but hate the getting up early.  Hayden just moved to Young Mens and Henry is the new deacon quorum president.  Tomorrow it's venison burgers and more rain.  Awesome.

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