Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Travel Time

I traveled to Houston, more precisely Montgomery, Texas this past weekend to visit a long time friend who has been battling some health issues.

 I have known Phyllis since my flight attendant days.  We met in Tulsa, Oklahoma at The Silver Needle Cross Stitch Camp with two of my other friends, Mary and Linda.

Phyllis was living in Dallas when we moved here 12 years ago - or was it 13?  Anyhoo, she was there for me with my new babies and helped calm my nerves.  Hopefully, I have finally returned the favor.  Actually, I would visit her anytime.  We try to get together with Mary and Linda once a year or so in November.  We happened to miss the reunion this past November, so I was happy to see her.  I always come home with oodles of recipes from her talented hands.  She rocks in the cooking department.  Being under the weather hasn't slowed her down.

Stay well, Phyllis!

Henry left this morning for San Antonio.  His band and orchestra at the middle school teamed up last year to create a full orchestra.  They competed against 256 other full orchestras from Texas and came out on top.  They are state champions! 

Because of their win, they have been invited to perform at the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association), which is a huge convention that meets in San Antonio every year.  We are taking Hayden out of school and are going to see Henry perform on Thursday.  Because the parents have been invited to watch, but uninvited to hang out with the kids, we will go our separate ways after the performance.  They will go shopping, river walking and natural bridge crossing, while Martin, Hayden and I will go outlet shopping, Alamoing, Black's BBQ eating and hopefully meeting up with Cole and Alicia for breakfasting.

We are looking forward to a little break from the mundane.  Road tripping is always a favorite for us.  I'm packing my fat pants because Texas BBQ - like everything in Texas - is BIG.  We are hoping for some awesome pie and other yummies as we travel through Austin as well.  Onward!

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