Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I had a thought this morning while I was drinking my hot chocolate that someone might think that the way I drink hot chocolate is weird.

Henry told me it was weird, but he's only 13, so he doesn't really understand life, so that didn't count.  But, what if he's right?

I like homemade hot chocolate - no wimpy, watery stuff.  We make our own and it rocks.  I like whipped cream on top, preferably the squeeze-out-of-the-can kind.  Easier.  The best part is that I sprinkle decorating sugar, preferably gold, but currently orange or blue, on the top, because I like to "chew" my hot chocolate.  I know, weird.

Each time I take a sip I get chocolate, a little whipped cream and some crunchy sugar.  I chew that part.

Is that weird?

Is it as weird as the flight attendant I used to work with who would comb her eyebrows straight up, then spray them with hairspray and finally dry them with her blow dryer?  Not sure.

Is it weird that Martin always has to have his feet warm and I find him wearing black socks to bed?  I mean, I understand cold feet, but BLACK socks?  And I don't mean athletic black socks - I'm talking Sunday man-socks that only go half-way up the calf black socks.  I'm not sure that's weird - more like disturbing.

Anyhoo, I'm sure we all see and do weird things.  I suppose what is weird to one person is a-ok with another.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.  Is that weird?

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