Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catching Up With More Randomness

 So, I gained a little weight. It started with cinnamon rolls.  It always starts with cinnamon rolls.  I do really good with eating healthy and walking several times a week, but then I make cinnamon rolls and I always gain at least two pounds.  It always starts with cinnamon rolls.
 This bunny.
 I got two.  They made Easter a little more fun.
 Henry and I spent Spring Break together and went to the Perot Museum. It was a first for both of us.
 I made pie on pi day.  I used the crust from Trader Joe's.  It was so good that I may never make my own pie crust again.  Ever.  And ever.
 These are our sister missionaries.  They were without a car for awhile, so I drove them to the temple one morning.  I also drove them to Sam Moon on P-day.  They got permission and yes, it was awesome.
 We ate at a new BBQ place in Plano.  It was after the cinnamon roll debacle.  Brisket and Mac & Cheese do not help.
 Henry and I made these for an activity where he had to bring a dessert.  I put the hearts on when he wasn't looking.  He didn't say it, but I think it was embarrassing.  What are mothers for?
My Easter Porch minus the wreath I made.  It lasted about two weeks then got destroyed by all the thunder storms we've had lately.  Gotta love Texas weather.

We celebrated Henry's birthday this past week.  I've got a report coming.

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