Monday, December 14, 2015


 The day after leaving Vienna, we were able to sail to two different cities.  We arrived in a small village overnight and toured through it early in the morning.  No one was about and it was very windy and cold.
 It seems every city, big or small, is built around it's church.
 Tiny alleyways to us are their major streets.
 The village is named Durnstein and it is a farming/wine community
 This is one of my favorite doors - it opens into one of the wineries. 
 We got back to the ship and just before lunch set off for Melk.  
 We arrived early afternoon and took a walking tour through the Melk Abby.  It is famous for it's renovation during the Reformation - basically the time the Catholic church felt that their people were leaving to join other churches, so they beefed up the goods and made everything over the top to encourage people to stay.
 And I mean over the top.  Everything here was beyond opulent.
 There were gold statues and artifacts and so much finery it was overwhelming.

 We walked across a courtyard to get to the famous library, where no pictures were allowed.
 We ended in the chapel area.  Un. Be. Leivable.

It is still in use today.  This is their advent wreath that they use each Sunday in December to celebrate Christmas.

We boarded out ship and again had a wonderful five course meal and set sail for Passau.  We decided to sign up for the optional tour of Salzburg.  In the morning we would board the bus for a two hour drive through the mountains to see the city of The Sound of Music!

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