Sunday, December 13, 2015

So I Lied

 Yes, I was going to be super blogger and do a daily post to get through our vacation, but I failed.  Ha.  This may be a long and painful process.  
One of my favorite places in Vienna was Schonbrunn Palace.  We were able to tour the inside, and afterward, we visited the Christmas Market located in the courtyard just outside the main gate.
 Here is where my obsession with the European Christmas Tree begins.  These Noble Firs are everywhere.  The shape.  I die. I want.  I want.  I want.
 This was one of my favorite Christmas Markets.  It had the most unique booths.  These hanging decorated branches were everywhere.  I must copy this.  Now.
 I couldn't resist taking a photo of the woman with the Christmas hair.
 Gingerbread everywhere.
 Such nice people!
Martin and I tried roasted chestnuts for the first time.  Very popular street food.  Meh.

After our adventures every afternoon, we would go back to our ship and have a five course meal.  We were very spoiled.

We tried to get to bed early because there was something planned for us each morning.  We would sail at night and arrive in a new port for the next day.  Our two days in Vienna were awesome.  I told Martin that it would be no problem to go back and just do a vacation in Vienna.  It was more beautiful than I expected.

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