Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 Let's be honest here.  Martin gave me the chance to choose where I wanted to go in Europe and I said I wanted to go to the German Christmas Markets.  We had heard of a River Cruise that sailed the Danube River and visited all the Christmas Markets along the way.  Beyond that I didn't really investigate our trip.  Martin booked everything and I thought we were headed to Germany.  Well, half of our trip was spent in Austria.  Who knew it was such a wonderful place?  Not me, but I found out quickly that it is spectacular.  The architecture alone was killer.
I don't even know what half of these building are, but I couldn't just let them pass by without getting their picture taken. 
 Our cruise consisted of nightly cruising and daily touring.  We had several guided tours as well as free time.  
 Our guides educated us on the history of Austria and what the significance of what these building are.  This is a government palace.
 Just outside the palace grounds there is a Christmas Market.  I didn't know this either, but there are many markets in each city.  Each with a different flair.

 We didn't have time to shop this one - just passed through on our way to the next event.
 Everything was so romantic and Christmasy.  Horse drawn carriages were everywhere.
 We rounded a corner and came upon this street that was totally decked out for Christmas.  There were hanging chandeliers every ten feet or so all the way down.  At night they were lit up and were so fabulous.  
When our free time came, we had to try the street food.  I have never seen so much sausage in my life.  Martin was in heaven.

I was absolutely taken with Vienna.  I had no idea it was such a beautiful city with so much history.  I don't want these posts to get too long and out of control.  It's hard to squeeze it all in without overdoing it, but I'll try.

Tomorrow - Schonbrunn Palace!

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